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Vědecká knihovna Olomouc
Vědecká knihovna Olomouc
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Anglo-American Library

The following materials can be found at the Anglo-American Library:

  • sets of textbooks with CDs
  • simplified reading materials with CDs ­at all the CEFR levels
  • study materials for Cambridge exams
  • classic works of English-language fiction
  • modern works of English-language fiction
  • the most important works of American literature, obtained as a gift from the Library of America

The titles offered within the Anglo-American Library can be accessed via the list of databases.

The loan period is 1 month.

The Anglo-American Library will not include:

  • English-language books published in the Czech Republic
  • English-language books published abr­oad but not suitable for learning English

You will find these books in the main collection of the Research Library in Olomouc, and you can search for them via the online catalogue.

The Library of America

A part of the collection of the Anglo-American Library has been obtained as a gift from the U.S. Embassy – a collection of books from a non-profit-making organisation, the Library of America.
The Library of America is no ordinary publishing house. It is a non-profit-making cultural institution established in 1979. The Library of America publishes the best and most important works of American literature. Newsweek has called the Library of America the most important publishing achievement in the history of the U.S.

New books:




English Fiction Books





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