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Vědecká knihovna Olomouc
Vědecká knihovna Olomouc
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eReaders lending

The Research Library in Olomouc currently loans eReaders of the Jinke Hanlin, Kindle, PocketBook, and Sony brands, and an Apple iPad multimedia tablet. The eReaders contain collections of books in the PDF format, primarily by classic Czech authors, with free copyright.

The eReaders can be ordered via the library catalogue (except the Sony PRS-T1 eReader with the location number W 6, which is intended only for in-house use within the Multimedia Study Room and cannot be ordered).

Freely accessible and paid sources of e-books and useful links may be found, for example, at this website.

The rules governing the lending the eReaders and iPad at the Research Library

  • The eReaders and iPad are available for in-house and external loans in the Multimedia Study Room. The loan is made through the library system and the user confirms the receipt of the eReader via a loan confirmation (as with standard books).
  • eReaders may only be lent to registered library users over 18 years of age.
  • An external loan of this device is allowed on the basis of a written contract entered into between the library and the user. The user must present their ID for the contract to be concluded.
  • The loan period is 14 days. The period in which the user may pick up the device that has been reserved is 6 calendar days. In the event of a late return, the user shall pay a penalty according to the valid price list, i.e. in the amount of CZK 50 for each opening day of delay that has commenced.
  • The conditions for the loan of an electronic device are governed by the Loan Contract, the valid Library Regulations of the Research Library in Olomouc, and the Civil Code.
  • The eReaders and iPad may only be returned to the Multimedia Study Room.
  • The user is obliged to return the device sufficiently charged, so that its functionality can be checked.
  • The user is obliged to protect the eReader or iPad against damage, loss, or theft.
  • If the user damages the eReader or iPad, or fails to return all its accessories, the user is obliged under the contract to pay the costs of the repair or purchase of the individual components.
  • If the user damages the device that has been borrowed in such a way that it can no longer serve its purpose, or if the user fails to return the device, they shall pay its full purchase price, including the price of all accessories, under the contract.
  • The user is not entitled to lend the eReader or iPad to third parties.

Updated: 16.01.2013
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