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Vědecká knihovna Olomouc
Vědecká knihovna Olomouc
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External and in-house loan services

The Research Library in Olomouc allows the following types of loans on the basis of the applicant’s order

  •  outside the library (the so-called external loan) ­
  •  within the library (the so-called in-house loan) in the case of specific document types: journals and newspapers, manuscripts, incunabula, old prints, books more than 50 years old, luxury editions, typed copies, and rare or unique documents

Specific options regarding the loan of any document, including its current status and the time needed to prepare the document, are directly accessible in the online catalogue. The catalogue also allows you to reserve documents that are currently out on loan.

Documents that have been ordered are stored at the Loan Department for 3 calendar days. Documents that are out on loan at the time of the reservation are stored for 6 calendar days.

The loan period outside the library is 30 days (14 days in the case of reserved documents).

Non-registered readers may only use the in-house loan and study documents in one of the study rooms.

Documents ordered for external loan are given out at the loan desk on the ground floor of the main building (Bezručova 2), or prepared for the reader to take to a study room.

The library information service will answer any questions regarding the library services:

phone:­+420 585 205 333


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