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Vědecká knihovna Olomouc
Vědecká knihovna Olomouc
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Study Room of Historical Collections

It serves above all to study old prints, incunabula, and manuscripts. We can make photocopies, microfilms, and digital copies according to your order.

Our latest service is EOD – Ebook On Demand.

You can view the rarest documents in the digital library manuscripts, incunabula, and old prints. 

There is also a scanned card catalogue of historical collections .

There are special research rules for the Study Room of Historical Collections.

Opening hours of the Study Room of Historical ­Collections
Monday to Friday  8:30 am - 3:30 pm
  • upon consultation, it is possible to extend the opening hours in certain cases
  • it is necessary to book the study of all the historical collections in advance
  • by e-mail:
  • by phone: +420-585 205 385
  • in writing
  • in person
  • in the case of manuscripts, you will also need a confirmation of the study purpose issued by the organisation that is asking for the study through you.

The state of the historical collection:

  • 1,455 manuscripts
  • c. 2,000 incunabula
  • c. 65,000 volumes of old prints

You will learn more about the collections of the Research Library and their composition and origin in the section entitled Historical collections.

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