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Vědecká knihovna Olomouc
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Wifi connection and settings

Terms of use of the wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi) at the Research Library

  1. The Wi-Fi connection provided by the Research Library is currently working in a test mode and some of its parameters may be changed if necessary.
  2. Wi-Fi is available free of charge in the designated areas of the Research Library (see the List of Access Points), for registered users only.
  3. The Research Library staff do not provide technical support for the setting of the connection parameters or in the event of technical problems. It is, however, possible to discuss technical problems with an advisory staff member and then contact the Department of Automation, which may provide the necessary help with the settings.
  4. If there are technical or other problems, the Research Library reserves the right to limit or stop the service.
  5. There is no legal entitlement to this servic­e and the Research Library shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the user as a result of such circumstances.
  6. Wi-Fi may only be used at an appropriate workplace in a designated area, via the user’s own device.
  7. Registered users who wish to study the printed documents of the Research Library shall be entitled to priority access to the study room.
  8. It is forbidden to provide log-in details to third parties or to pursue activities that might violate another user’s privacy (even if the given user enables access to be gained to sensitive data as a result of their negligence).

­List of Access Points

  1. The main building – Open Access to New Titles
    The main building – German Study Room
  2. The main building – Main Study Room
  3. The main building – Hall of Services, seats and working desks for the users
  4. The new building – Study Room of Bound Newspapers
  5. The new building – Study Room of Historical Collections

­Annex:  Instructions for connection to the wifi.vkol wireless network


The Research Library in Olomouc provides access to the Internet via the eduroam network, provided you already have a user account at your home organisation.

When you are connecting, the system will require your username and password. Please enter your username together with the realm (for example and your password.

The WPA2/AES Wi-Fi connection is used for connection to the eduroam network.

Instructions for setting up your computer to connect to the eduroam network for systems

For more details regarding the project, see the eduroam website

The eduroam name and logo are registered trademarks of TERENA­

Logo eduroam
­eduroam­ logo

­Instructions for connection to the wifi.vkol wireless network

The Research Library in Olomouc has expanded the wireless connection to the electronic catalogue and the Internet for its users.
The users may use the connection at any time during the opening hours free of charge.
A valid Reader’s Identification Card is needed to connect to the Internet; the ID number and PIN are used as the username and password. There is no need to sign in to open only the website and catalogue of the Research Library.

How to connect – laptop settings

You will need your own laptop with a standard Wi-Fi card 802.11b or 802.11g. The laptop can be supplied from the power outlets in the Main Study Room of the main building (Bezručova 2) or in the Study Room of Historical Collections and Bound Newspapers in the new building (Bezručova 3).
We recommend you to install the latest drivers and operating system patches.

SSID of the wireless network: wifi.vkol

The following settings are necessary for the wireless connection:

  •     IP address automatically obtained from the DHCP server
  •     Address of the DNS server automatically obtained
  •     In your browser, you need to set the address and port of the proxy server:
  •     Address:
  •     Port: 3128

Access to sources

After the wireless connection and the proxy server have been set, you can connect your laptop to the website of the Research Library ( and electronic catalogue (

To access the Internet, you need to sign in:

  • in the field Username, enter the number of your Identification Card: 265XXXXXX
  • in the field Password, enter your PIN (in lower-case letters)

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